updated August 2020

atelier de Klokbeker

                                                                        photograph Peter de Vries


about Rinske

                                        As member of an ancient potters family Rinske Dietz is a self-taught ceramist and painter. She worked in artgalleries and

                                        -studios and used to write reviews about visual and applied arts in newspapers and journals.

                                        From 1994 - 2009 she is responsible for the arrangement and the flyers of the exhibitions in the Mobach Pottery Museum in Utrecht,

                                        the Netherlands.

ceramic art

                                        After years of high-firing, Rinske's recent coiled bowls and vessels are burnished and smoke-fired on low temperatures.                                                

                                        Her objects show the natural color of oxydes and sometimes the smoke of the kiln. Rinske is looking for an exciting tension in the forms of her ceramic pieces.

                                        The shapes are organic, with well-balanced outlines and volumes. She thinks the texture is very important and likes her objects to be touched.

                                        Her one-of-a-kind pieces have a timeless and introvert character and refer to premeval ages. In her opinion  the form of her ceramic pieces

                                        does not follow the function, but the form is the function.

works on paper

                                        However, the gouaches and acrylic paintings on paper are more expressionist by their colors and images. Looking at her paintings,

                                        the eye is led through an exciting composition that consists of the alternating lines and shapes, contrasts in light and dark and a variety of warm and cool tones.

                                        The borders of the forms are in turn sharp and smooth. Rinske would like her images appeal to the fantasy of the spectator.


paper art

                                        In 2010 Rinske discovers hand made paper and paper art at the Holland Paper Biennial in Rijswijk and Apeldoorn (the Netherlands).

                                        This exhibition has inspired her so much that now she is showing the first results of her 'paper experience' on the 'paper' page.

                                        She also loves to design one-of-a-kind greeting cards.