updated October 2019


   Atelier de Klokbeker





Art Route North West Veluwe

September 14 - 15  

open: Saturday 11.00 h  - 17.00 h

 Sunday 11.00 h - 17.00 h


Atelier Veenhuizerveld

Veenhuizerveldweg 30

3881 RG Putten





               hall                                                              studio                                                           studio



May 31, June 1 - 2

Guest at the Art Studio Route Putten

Atelier Veenhuizerveld

Veenhuizerveldweg 30

3881 RG Putten



'Out of Clay'   

October 7 -  November 2



Group Exhibition in the Bergkerk in Deventer

 to celebrate the 40th Anniversary  of

the Dutch Organisation of  Ceramists (NVK)












the Sound of Clay

exhibition of Ceramic Art

June 1 - July 14 on sundays

in the Fortress of Pannerden

Waaldijk 1, 6686 MV Doornenburg




Ode to the Nature, click here for more information 



May 26  -  July 14 

Group exhibition by 48 members of

the NVK (Dutch Association of Ceramists )

Von Gimborn Arboretum,

Velperengh 13

3941 BZ Doorn


Apeldoorn, April 30 2011

"Kunst aan de Loolaan"

Land Art Project

Easter 2011- January 1th 2014


12 sculptures and installations made of natural materials,

in the beautiful surroundings of Putten, the Veluwe


Pine Cone no. 1

Rogier Meijerman, 11 years, Putten

Stephan Kennedy, 12 years, Utrecht


Spiral, no 2

Mayella and Cor Geskus, Putten

 Old-fashioned wooden instrument  to knit a sisal cord, no 3

Leen Kool, Putten

Giant herb with golden flower, no. 4

Herba ingens aureo flore

Jozef Kemperman, Gendringen

Man rafting the pool, no. 5

Mayella Geskus, Putten

Natural Swing, no.6

Piet Brons, Nijkerk


Bird's Appartments, no. 7

Henny Schaapman, Wijhe

Bound to nature, no. 8

Anneletty Schumacher, Wijhe

poem by Marcus Haringa

 Trees dressed with knitting ware, no.9

Members of the Ladies Probus Club Chapeau, Putten

Woodhenge with Timetable, no. 10

(under construction)

Jan-Carel Koster, Nijkerk

the Ark, no. 11

Johan Jansen, Putten

Observatory, no. 12

Johan Jansen and scouts from Putten


April 24 - May 22

small exhibition of handbuilt ceramic one-of-a-kind pieces at the

Kunstkelder in Putten

tuesday, thursday and friday 14.00 - 16.30 hour

wednesday and saturday 10.00 - 12.30 hour



 April 24 - May 16

Groupe exhibition at the

Catharinakapel, Harderwijk






19 September - 12 October

 group exhibition at 

'Galerie bij Krepel'






the Pottery of Chado

Tea Bowls and Tea Cups

The Yechiel Nahari Museum of Far Eastern Art

Ramat-Gan, Israel


April  13 - 14

            guest-artist at the 'Ermelose kunstroute', click here


September 1 - 18

International Group exhibition, click here

De Klank van Klei

Townhall  Schelle, Belgium

April 8 - May 21


Galerie "In de oude school"

more info: www.indeoudeschool.nl

January 14 - February 26

International travelling exhibition:

Joy of the Noble Teacup

Galerij "Kunsthuis Beauvoorde"

Gouden Hoofdstraat 44

8630 Beauvoorde (Belgium)

more info: www.rogiannegaytant.be